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Gull-wing doors

The gull-wing doors lend the SLS AMG its unique appearance and underline the vehicle’s spectacular character. They also make entering and exiting the SLS AMG cockpit particularly comfortable

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Lightweight design

The SLS AMG unites the motorsport experience of Mercedes-AMG with the strengths of Mercedes-Benz. The result is the type of high-performance technology that dreams are made of. Key features of the gull-wing model include a lightweight design. And for the first time a Mercedes vehicle boasts a chassis and body built entirely of aluminium.

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The SLS AMG symbolises unadulterated driving pleasure. This is possible thanks to the advanced AMG 6.3 litre V8 front-mid engine. Dry sump lubrication, which does not require a conventional oil sump, allows a significantly lower engine mounting position. An extremely rigid bodyshell and optimum weight distribution with a low centre of gravity also make a key contribution.

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The design of the SLS AMG gull-wing is unmistakable, boasting a perfect combination of extended bonnet, muscular rear section and distinctive gull-wing doors – all of which are testimony to its appeal and elegant sports styling.

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The puristic interior of the SLS AMG embraces lightweight design, dynamic performance and pure emotion. Opening the unique gull-wing doors offers a clear view of the interior and its clean sports styling. The range of fine materials used includes nappa leather and real metal trim (real carbon-fibre trim available as an option).

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